With a manufacturing facility that is ISO 9001 accredited, we value being able to provide quality products as an essential part of our core business ethic. We ensure that our construction products comply with and exceed all statutory requirements for our clients in their respective countries around the globe. We optimize and streamline operations as newer and better solutions present themselves and always keep our clients, employees and facilities up to date.

Every stage of the manufacturing process takes place in our home facility with the highest possible safety standards, offering full traceability and certification. This enables us to service large scale productions all the way through to bespoke work. Our clients’ patented products are manufactured under license agreement.

Our capabilities include:

  • Drop Forging – We manufacture a full range of scaffold fittings in either dropped forged or pressed steel. We manufacture fittings that comply with all the requirements relevant to your country’s standards
  • Welding and Fabrication – With the latest equipment ​to complement our skilled workforce, we take your challenging tasks and deliver ​top quality, innovative workmanship
  • ​​Surface Coating – We provide hot dip galvanizing, zinc plating and paint coating for your products
  • Simplified Shipping – We pack and palletize to suit your needs, working seamlessly with your inventory system
  • Buyer’s Assurance – Rapid Solutions guarantees delivery as promised to you, our priority client